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Sent: Sunday, June 15, 2008 2:11 AM


Subject: Future Research Section


Dear John,


    You can put down in the future research section of that I expect to write the abstract, introduction, and finish up the discussion of "Weapons Implications of Project Bizarre and Microwave Hearing Voice Transmission with Literature Review: Is Psychiatric Diagnosis Presumptive?" The paper covers the monkey performance degradation findings of Sharp & Grove related to the Moscow Embassy irradiation that they worked on just prior to discovering microwave hearing voice transmission.  These findings were disputed on insubstantial grounds at the time, but fully confirmed by numerous subsequent studies, and the same degradations are reflected in the medical literature on the most frequent diagnosis related to voice transmission complaint.  The article is virtually complete, except for the above.





Will you please help towards John's funding?

Research through scientific literature is an expensive business. Yet to date, it has all been financed exclusively by members of this small Christian group. If you would like to compensate John McMurtrey for his own past sacrifices, and to facilitate his future research, then please consider whether God is calling you to make a donation to John. John and his scholarly work need and merit more funding than I for one can afford.

I have a few plans of my own too. I would like to be in a position to build and to demonstrate publicly some of the technology which I cannot buy off the shelf, unlike the ultrasound technology which I demonstrated, during the filming of the documentary "The World's Greatest Conspiracy Theories".

If you think you could and ought to help financially, then please pray about this and give John such money as the Holy Spirit leads you to believe that you should. Thank you.

John Allman

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